Last updated at 07/​01/​24.

👋 Hello there! Here is Leo (a.k.a Nativus). Welcome to my corner on the Internet, and hope you enjoy this site.

👨 About Me

🎓 I hold a BEng (Hons) in Network Engineering from UESTC and will be starting my Master’s in Engineering at PKU in Fall 2024.

🧑‍💻 Currently, I am an intern at Changsha Institute of PKU, exploring the containerization technology with HPC. From C++ to Golang, HPC to Machine Learning, I am always ready to tackle the next tech puzzle.

👣 Beyond the world of wires and codes, I'm an avid traveler, seeking inspiration from new places. This blend of travel-inspired insights and solid technical skills is what I bring to the table, eager to make a unique mark in the tech landscape.

📫 Contact



E-mail: root [at]

Or leave a comment under any pages, I will reach to you ❤️!

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